This is my first post on my blog so I'm going to talk a bit about myself. My name is Margaux Phanie but I just go by Margaux, it prononses the same as Margo. I'm 13 and after this summer I am going to enter year 9 at Dulwich College in Shanghai. I have two cats Kitty - AKA Kinny - and Gribouille - AKA Bouillon - she is 4 years old and he is 3 years old.
My mom's name is Valérie and she is 44, she is a French teacher and used to teach at my presedent school for the past year.
My dad's name is Philppe and he is 45 and he is an engenier for a german group.
I have been living in Shanghai for five years now and we had a lot of crazy things happening to us.

On my first two years I was in the French school named LFS - not a very good school. I used to live in San Marino Bridge and had my best friend living next door.
After that for the next two years I attended Shanghai Community International School AKA SCIS. Here I learned english full time and had a few friends from around the world. We were seperated in House for advisory I was a Monkey with one of my close friends. My new Best Friend was an Ox. She went back to the US last month for good.

For my fith year in Shanghai I choosed to try to enter Dulwich College, I passed and will now enter year 9 AKA grade 8 (for Americans) and 3eme (for French).